Even More Autism Rules

Autism is a different journey for every family, but there are some common experiences we may share. Here are some of these experiences illustrated with scenes from some of my favorite movies and TV shows.

In case you missed the rest of the series –  Autism Rules 1-10 and Autism Rules 11-20.

Here are rules 21-35!

You may spend so much time and energy keeping your own child clothed – that you overlook your own appearance. (Like going to the store looking like The Dude).

Gramercy Pictures / “The Big Lebowski”

When a meltdown is imminent, you may do anything to reduce extra sensory input. 

“Doctor Who” / BBC

Casual phone conversations are almost impossible.

“Doctor Who” / BBC

You suffer a moment of panic every time you see someone using the front burners on the stove. (Because yours haven’t been used in years)

Columbia Pictures / “Mall Cop”

Kitchen knives are kept hidden in a locked secure location at all times.

Marvel Studios / “Deadpool”

Privacy in the bathroom does not exist. (True for most parents really!)

Warner Bros. / “Lethal Weapon 2”

Autism parents can sweep a room looking for possible threats better than the Secret Service.

NBC / “The West Wing”

The concept of age and gender appropriate toys is invalid.  (They like what they like)

NBC / “Chuck”

Your child might not like their personal space invaded, but has no problem invading anyone else’s.

CBS / “Get Smart”

Any assumption others have about your child’s ability, is probably wrong.

Marvel /Spider-man

If your child wants to wear a costume outside of Halloween, they’re going to wear a costume. (we choose our battles!)

USA Network / “Psych”

Running out of your child’s favorite food may lead to disregard of your own physical appearance in the panic of restocking the item to avoid a meltdown.

NBC / “Chuck”
Parent may celebrate after their child uses the potty for its intended use. 

ABC / “Castle”

Lines happen (And don’t even think about moving them)

AMC / “The Walking Dead”

Pants are overrated (because if Sam and Dean Winchester arent wearing them – who needs to?)

CW / “Supernatural”




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