10 More Autism Rules

 There are no two identical autistic individuals, even amongst identical twins (I can vouch for this personally) – but there are similarities between parenting experiences. Here are 10 more Autism “rules” with visual representations from some of my favorite TV shows and movies. Perhaps you can relate to some of these!

For the first ten “rules”,  please see Autism “Rules” part 1

11. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and when I see my kids struggling to keep it together, I’ll try and redirect them by making them laugh or diverting their attention to something else. It’s not always successful, but I’ve had more success than trying to “talk” them out of it.

On a side-note, if I ever need a laugh, I just watch Supernatural gag reels!


12. I am fortunate to have my children at a private school for those with learning differences. I occasionally get a call but I know it is nothing compared to what I would get if my kids were elsewhere. 

Monroe from NBC/Grimm


13. Most of the autism community online and in real life are pretty awesome! The Walking Dead is awesome too!

AMC/The Walking Dead


14. It’s hard for me to just “let go” and relax. I guess that’s why there is wine! 

ABC/Once Upon A Time

15. Food aversions are alive and well in my house! I never stop offering – but I also don’t let myself run out of preferred food items! Sadly, my kids don’t appreciate Gilligan’s Island like I did when I was their age.

Gilligan’s Island

16. When my twins were young, we heard the “they can’t be autistic, they’re too social” bit because they loved to sit on laps, be hugged etc. Yes, they were sensory seekers! Nowadays, they claim they are too old to be hugged and they are no longer cute. They’re almost 12 so I get that. I don’t WANT to get it, but I get it. They’re still cute though!

I love this screenshot of Clara and the Twelfth Doctor – it captures the sentiment nicely!

BBC/Doctor Who

17.Stimming is a way of life in my house. It’s why I find toys in the pantry (stim item exchanged for food), socks scattered throughout the house (twirling and looking at with peripheral vision) and Legos on the floor (To provide sensory input through the feet). 

My kids didn’t appreciate Miami Vice reruns, unfortunately. 

NBC/Miami Vice
18. It’s been a year since this comment has been made to me – a record!

Clueless was one of my favorite movies during my college years – especially this scene with Cher’s dad (and Paul Rudd!).  

Paramount/ Clueless

19. With 4 kids, anytime we go on a road trip it’s a major production! Even 10 minutes trips in the car lend itself to major negotiations over how many plushes they can bring. 

I still love the original 21 Jumpstreet series, although the movie remakes had some great moments!

Sony/ 22 Jump Street

20. I have to look like I am busy when I’m trying to introduce a new food to my pickiest eater. If I am openly watching, he will reject it on the basis of smell alone. 

I may, or may not have hidden on some occasions like Sam and Dean Winchester.

CW/ Supernatural

Be on the lookout for the next installment in this series!




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