February on Autism Odysseys

 February highlights of original content posted on Autism Odysseys on Facebook throughout the month!

1. Special Education2.Don’t underestimate a child’s intelligence.3. Milestones4. Redirection via MIB (and photoshop)5. Redirect with electronics via Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (and photoshop) 6. Don’t run out of your child’s favorite food7. The big things can be little things to everyone else.8. Sometimes celebrities need social stories 9. Appropriate Reactions10.Stimming11. Valentine hearts12. Deadpool – don’t forget the iPad!13. Supports14. Dinner angst15. Coffee via the eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who16. If I had time to do all this….17. Dorthy Ann from Magic School Bus18. Legends! This is also available as a shirt (and many other items at Red Bubble19. Neuroexceptional! Also available from Red bubble 


Head over to Autism Odysseys where new material is posted daily!

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