Best Autism Odysseys GIFs of 2016 

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017! Here are some of the top performing “gif” posts of the year on Autism Odysseys. It may take a little longer to display all the gifs –  hopefully some of them are relatable!

When you get woken up in the middle of the night.  (Tommy Boy)

What food aversions look like. (Despicable Me)

It’s not quite that simple. (Doctor Who)

When you meet others who get it. (Doctor Who)

Listening to what happened at school. (Supernatural)

When you get unsolicited parenting advice (Doctor Who)

When your child tries a new food (Superntural)

Watching my kids do new things.(Firefly)

Lastly, parents watching their kids in public.

I am grateful for your support as we work to spread awareness and acceptance of autistic differences.

 Happy New Year everyone!